online courses

Join me and learn How Not To Think Like Sherlock Holmes.

Over this four-week long evening course, discover why being a lone genius with a neatly organised mind-palace and a desire to ‘eliminate the impossible’ is actually a really bad idea; and learn to think a good deal better than Sherlock Holmes.


Take the space to discover and discuss the philosophical questions that drive you. In our individually tailored discussions, I will introduce you to writers who have asked the same questions as you, equip you with philosophical skills, and help you build frameworks to think in. Free half-hour trial session.

group workshops

How can we ensure that a group’s consensus is trustworthy? Should everyone have equal opportunity to contribute to discussion - and what would that mean? What should employees have a right to know (and not to know)? Book a workshop for your organisation, and explore epistemology as it applies to you.