About Me

Lisa McNulty

I study philosophy because a computer told me to. Specifically, my tech-savvy school set me an aptitude test which pronounced that the university degree I was most suited for was philosophy. Having no clue what this was, I bought a copy of Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy and felt like I’d met an old friend. There it all began.

I now hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and a teaching role in the Education Department at the University of Roehampton, with a focus on the philosophy of education. I’ve also trained as a facilitator with the Philosophy Foundation, and worked as part of their business development team in collaboration with Pricewaterhouse Cooper.

My research interests lie at the intersection between philosophy of education, social epistemology (which evaluates the social dimensions of knowledge), and the philosophy of science; whilst much of my teaching experience has been classes on ethics and on critical thinking, both of which underpin everything else I do.

I am a contributor to various academic publications, including the Journal of Philosophy of Education, the Sage Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy, and Bloomsbury’s History of Western Educational Philosophy series.

What engages me most is taking important ideas out of their academic context and creating learning experiences for those who are curious about exploring philosophy outside of the academy, in ways they can use in their own lives. My online courses, consultations, and workshops are all aimed at intelligent laypersons interested in learning something new.